Vivobarefoot Ultra Review

The Vivobarefoot Ultra barefoot shoe looks similar to Crocs, but are tremendously better at every level! For one, the Ultra is lighter, agile, more flexible and are just down-right better looking! For another, the Ultra’s super thin sole not only delivers more sensory feedback, its also more grippy in wet, sloppy conditions, allowing you to go full-speed ahead with more confidence in the rain. The Ultra’s can be completely immersed in water without losing comfort or causing blisters!Vivobarefoot Ultra Review

Vivobarefoot Ultra Review

What’s the Vivobarefoot Ultra Good For?

The Vivobarefoot Ultra is excellent for long runs, walks or hikes on light trails or on harsh or smooth roads. They’re also a solid choice for any kind of cross-training, water sports, beach activities or general beach-side and urban barefoot explorations!

Upper Specifications

One of the Ultra’s most appealing feature is the upper which is made of soft, flexible silicon that creates a blister-free fit since the shoe is made to get wet! In fact, the upper makes the shoe feel like you’re wearing the most comfortable water sock!

Vivobarefoot Ultra Review

You’ll also gain cooler grounds in a heat-wave in the Ultra’s thanks to the upper’s large perforations that are dispersed from heel to toe and offers a new degree of openness for constant airflow! Your feet will never overheat in these shoes!

Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe Review

Like a true barefoot shoe, the upper is wide, especially at the front so your toes can enjoy more freedom to spread and relax which makes you more balanced on uneven terrain.

The speed-lacing system also allows you to easily customize your fit to keep your feet locked in without worry of in-shoe sliding, especially when wet, and allows for quick removal and placement of the shoe.

Another handy feature is the Ultra has a removable inner sock-liner to keep debris out and boost comfort over longer runs. The sock-liner is also easy to wash!

Sole Specifications

The Ultra sits on a super thin, zero drop rubber sole that is incredibly durable because its puncture-resistant! It provides just enough protection to take the sting out of stepping on a rock, root or acorn, making the Ultra’s great for running fast over debris-heavy trails.

Vivobarefoot Ultra Review
As compared with the Vibram Five Fingers, the Ultra’s sole has more cushioning but is lighter even though Vivobarefoot has done a fine job at adding more durability throughout the entire sole!

The Ultra has excellent traction on pavement because the sole employs full coverage of hexagon-patterned tread, making your feet feel like they’re wrapped with a thin layer of flexible, grippy rubber that doesn’t detract from the sensory connection with the ground.

Most important, the Ultra’s sole is zero drop, thereby giving a super low-to-the ground ride and feel to promote proper and efficient forefoot running form at any pace! In fact, the sole is so thin and flat, you can feel the ground’s surface characteristics, and according to other wear-testers, the Ultra’s are considered to be the absolute best alternative to going barefoot!

Final Thoughts

The super durable, puncture-resistant sole certainly makes the Vivobarefoot Ultra a dependable performance shoe that impressively supplies you with a near barefoot-connected ride on range of terrain.

What is more, the Vivobarefoot gets another stamp of approval with the Ultra because the shoes most important feature is its functionally specialized to make a lasting difference in improving foot health, while helping you put into action the forefoot strike mechanics that’ll make you run faster and safer!

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