Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe Review

Go full-speed ahead in the rain and be fully engaged with the ground in the Vivobarefoot Ultra running shoe! You can be totally immersed in water, these shoes will still help you to your advantage.

In the Vivobarefoot Ultra running shoe, you can also gain cooler ground during a heatwave because of the large perforations in the upper of the shoe which allows tons of air to blow in.

Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe

Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe Review

As you can see, the Vivobarefoot Ultra running shoe looks sort of like Crocs, but are tremendously better on so many levels, like getting you more closely connected with the ground, being more flexible, so the overall shoe moves more easily and natural with your foot.

Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe

According to minimalist shoe wear-testers, the Ultra is good for running longer distances on asphalt, but can also be worn for beach activities.

The Ultra is lighter than most Vibram (VFFs) running shoes and is tailored more for water sports, but what I love most about the Ultra is the high level ground feel despite being slightly cushy than most VFFs, the Ultra still makes running less risky by delivering good sensory value, so you can maintain efficient form as compared with running in traditional running shoes.

Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe
The Ultra is an excellent choice for forefoot running because of its ultra thin outsole, but it also provides exceptional comfort with its inner sock-liner that is removable if you want better ground feel. And, the speed-lacing system allows for quick, convenient removal and placement of the shoe.

Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe

  • The Ultra forefoot running shoe is prefect for light trails, cross training, water sports, long runs, or general beach-side and urban barefoot exploration!

Notable Features of the Ultra:

  • Excellent ‘barefoot’ feel, wears like a water-sock
  • Outer material made of soft, flexible silicon
  • Super light and easy to pack
  • Good traction for pavement
  • Sock-liner keeps debris out
  • Durable, tough for trail running, nothing penetrates through the sole
  • Very roomy toe box
  • Never experienced blistering in them
  • Helps reduce knee loading by encouraging a forefoot strike when running
  • Considered to be the absolute best alternative to going barefoot
  • Bungee laces allow for a tighter or looser fit
  • Ultra thin sole allows you to feel ground surface characteristics with greater sensory detail
  • Removable sock-liner is easy to wash
  • Ventilates well and doesn’t smell bad either!

Vivobarefoot Ultra Running Shoe

  • The Ultra’s puncture resistant outsole keeps your feet completely safe-guarded during your runs.

The best feature of the Vivobarefoot Ultra is that the shoe works with your foot’s anatomy to deliver exceptional proprioceptive quality –these shoes are the perfect tool for unlocking the strength of the human foot. The shoe is extensively crafted to suit anyone who wants to leap into pure minimalist and barefoot running.

I also did a video version of the review of the Ultra:

Here are more reviews I have done on barefoot running shoes from Vivobarefoot. If you need more options on footwear for forefoot running, check out 30+ reviews on zero drop minimalist shoes I’ve compiled for you.

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