Xero Amuri Cloud Review

One of the more perfect alternatives to barefoot running is the Xero Amuri Cloud, which is a highly versatile athletic sandal that packs a surprising amount of protection, durability and lasting comfort. These sandals also come ready to wear, so you don’t have to fuss with installing the laces!

Xero Amuri Cloud Review
Durability is always a priority with Xero Shoes in that they offer a 5,000 mile warranty on the Amuri Clouds, so you can enjoy long stretches of roads and trails.


What’s the Amuri Cloud Good for? 

Aside from being highly recommended for runners looking to ease into barefoot running, the Amuri Cloud supplies a surprising amount of comfort for longer runs on smooth roads and the track.

Xero Amuri Cloud Review

The sandal is also a solid execution for less extreme off-road adventures, delivering a well-balanced, snappy ride for high-mileage tempo runs, hikes and walks on softer trails. Even better, because of the light, feathery feel, runners may prefer the Amuri Cloud for fast running! Additionally, the sole has excellent traction for running and walking on wet pavement.

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The Amuri Cloud is also a big performer for climbing dry or wet rocks, swimming, rafting, hiking on moderately technical surfaces, long walks on the beach and of course casual everyday wear! In fact, whether walking or running, these minimalist sandals are an excellent tool for strengthening your legs and feet.

Upper (Lacing) Specifications

You’ll love that Amuri Cloud lets your foot fully breathe and stay cool, making the sandal a superb choice for the summer. The lacing system provides a good secure fit, cinching in the foot for a reliable on-trail control without any pressure points! The laces are very flexible to accommodate a wider foot shape, too! There’s also plenty of room in the front so the toes can spread and relax.

Xero Amuri Cloud Review
To strengthen your feet further, the unstructured upper lets your feet work independently which directly stimulates the muscles, soft tissues and bones ~which is enormous value in and out of itself!

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You’ll love the adjustability of the laces/straps; its super easy! You can loosen or tighten them with just a quick movement of the central loop over the top of the foot.

Xero Amuri Cloud Review

The back-strap can also be easily re-positioned to secure it wherever it feels most comfortable. Moreover, the back-strap is strategically placed higher than most barefoot sandals to prevent it from shifting downward and helps secure a sealed fit to your foot. Better yet, the higher positioned back-strap also perfectly prevents chaffing and blisters at the heel!Xero Amuri Cloud Review

All in all, the laces cinches down nicely for a snug fit that moves with the foot while being pressure-free.

Sole Specifications

Xero Amuri Cloud Review
The chevron pattern tread offers excellent traction wet roads that doesn’t take away from the feel of the ground.

The Amuri Cloud sits on a 6 mm thin sole that not only has a super fast feel, it offers more cushioning and a noticeably softer ride than most minimalist running sandals, including the Xero Shoes Jessie’s. The extra protection also allows the sole to hold up better to long miles on hard harsh roads.

Despite offering a more plush feel, the zero-drop sole still supplies a lot of ground-feedback to help you improve and maintain your forefoot strike stride. The sole is also wide to allow forefoot spreading and flexing, yet snug enough throughout the heel and mid-foot to prevent slippage.

Xero Amuri Cloud Review

You’ll also appreciate that the heel cup is strategically placed to prevent debris from trapping inside the sandal.

Final Thoughts

No where does the Amuri Cloud fail in re-creating the barefoot experience, but they are recommended for runners looking for a touch of cushioning. And, they are affordable!

*Sizing Tip – Because the Amuri Cloud’s are intended to mold exactly to your foot’s structure, you should order a full-size larger than your normal size!

Interested in learning more and getting your paws on a pair of the Xero Amuri Cloud’s? You can do so here!

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