Xero Amuri Cloud Review for Forefoot Running

The Xero Amuri Cloud is a versatile barefoot-inspired athletic or casual sandal that packs a surprising amount of underfoot softness and cushiness, yet allows you to feel every fiber of the ground and delivers consistent waves of sensory input that increases your own control of your forefoot strike running form. This is one of the many ways the Xero Amuri Cloud lays the ground for safer, proactive and functional footing that’s good for injury prevention.

Even better, the long-lasting durability of such a thin sandal enables you to enjoy the full benefits of going the distance! Whether it be running, walking or hiking, the strongly sturdy structure of the Amuri Cloud has what it takes to match the demands of challenging distances.

What is more, its super handy that Amuri Cloud comes ready to wear! The lacing is already installed for you! I also love the numerous color schemes, from vibrant pops of color to warm n’ neutral, available for the Amuri Cloud!

Xero Amuri Cloud Review for Forefoot Running
The essential feature of the Amuri Cloud by Xero Shoes is the sliver-thin sole that’s functionally specialized to let in sensory cues essential to help improve your forefoot  running form. But more than that, the sole is also incredibly flexible, allowing all the foot’s muscles to participate more fully, giving you the result you want in developing stronger, more enduring feet.

Before I discuss why the Amuri Cloud has as much as you need to strengthen your feet, improve your balance and posture and help fine-tune your forefoot running form, I want to put a special emphasis on that Xero Shoes offers a 5,000 mile warranty on the Amuri Clouds which should give you confidence that these sandals dominate in durability!

Upper (Lacing)

Constructed with few materials and fabrics that are radically light and flexible, the lacing system of the Amuri Cloud is just as functional and durable as the outsole in that the laces are stretchy and wide-ranging enough to accommodate a wide foot and perfectly allows the foot to expand to its natural state.

Furthermore, because the straps do not cause the toes to pinch together, the Amuri Cloud delivers an adaptable fit at the front, creating lots of room for toe-splay, making it easier for the foot to interact properly with the ground. This is why you should take every advantage of being in these sandals!

Xero Amuri Cloud Review for Forefoot Running

The Amuri Cloud’s laces provides a comfortable fit regardless of foot shape! Another reason wear-testers marvel at the sandals is that the adjustability of the laces/straps is super easy in that you can loosen or tighten them with just a quick movement of the central loop over the top of the foot.

Xero Amuri Cloud

You can also re-position the back-strap to secure it wherever it feels most comfortable. The back-strap is also strategically and conveniently placed higher than most barefoot running sandals to prevent it from shifting downward and helps secure a sealed fit of the sandal to your foot. And, the higher positioned back-strap feature also prevents chaffing and blister hotpots at the heel, too!

Xero Amuri Cloud Review for Forefoot Running

Another functional asset is the lacing framework not only provides a customizable fit, but shapes the natural contours of your foot without any obstruction, giving the foot plenty of wiggle room for its natural range of motion, keeping the foot engaged at a high level.

Overall, the straps effectively cinches the sole to the foot, creating a customized and performance-oriented fit necessary for sure footing on the road, the beach, grass and soft trails.


The 6 mm thin outsole of the Amuri Cloud has a fast underfoot feel that gets you really connected to the ground and has a dollop of cushioning throughout, yet manages to be more barefoot-feeling than most super-thin barefoot-like footwear.Xero Amuri Cloud Review for Forefoot Running

Despite how thin the sole is, it has a noticeable amount of comfort (more underfoot cushioning than the Jessie’s) and durability that stands up under heavy mileage and is so low to the ground that it helps promote an efficient stride that’s strong n’ steady, giving you more confident footsteps regardless of terrain.

Another way the Amuri Cloud addresses the needs of the feet is that its built on a wide platform to deliver an anatomical fit. The sole is wide enough to perfectly match the natural silhouette of the human foot, creating more area for the foot to spread that will benefit dynamic balance control and impact absorption during walking and running.

Xero Amuri Cloud Review for Forefoot Running

You’ll also appreciate that the heel cup is strategically placed to prevent debris from trapping inside the sandal.

Bottom line, the outsole is just as feather-light weight as the laces and offers a plush feel that’s ready for high-mileage, but is still thin enough to supply ample ground-feedback, making the Amuri Cloud a perfect alternative for barefoot running and an ideal utility for stride correction.

What’s the Amuri Cloud Good for? 

Definitely recommended for runners looking to ease barefoot running into their routine, the Amuri Cloud supplies well-balanced, soft, stable landings while running on smooth roads, the track and soft trails. They’re great for high-mileage and tempo runs and are perfect for less extreme trails. The sole is also gripping for running and walking on wet pavement.

The Amuri Cloud is also a good match for climbing dry or wet rocks, swimming, rafting, hiking on moderately technical surfaces, long walks on the beach and of course causal everyday wear.

Xero Amuri Cloud Review for Forefoot Running

Last but not least, and most importantly is that whether you’re walking on the beach or running long distances on harshly hard roads, the Amuri Clouds are an excellent tool for strengthening the legs, feet, balance and helps improve overall posture, too!  Just walking in these barefoot sandals becomes a condition exercise for the body. Because you stand so much to gain, this is why the Amuri Cloud’s are fundamentally fitting for everyone! From this, especially for the barefoot hardliners out there, the Amuri Cloud will help you keep working on the progress that you made with barefooting! 

*Sizing Tip – Because the Amuri Cloud’s are intended to mold exactly to your foot’s structure, you should order a full-size larger than your normal size!

Interested in learning more and getting your paws on a pair of the Xero Amuri Cloud’s? You can do so here!

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