Achilles Tendon Affords Forefoot Runner’s a Performance Advantage

The foot strike we use when we run affects Achilles tendon function, which affects performance.

Forefoot running is framed as a potential gain for performance due to a more elastic engagement of the Achilles tendon. Moreover, optimal Achilles tendon elastic recoiling is rooted in the alignment of the body at touchdown during forefoot running.

Also, pre-activation of the calf musculature prior to touchdown stretches the Achilles tendon, which increases the capacity for elastic energy storage in forefoot running as compared with heel strike running (Roberts, 2002; Alexander, 2002).

Achilles tendon provides more energy when a forefoot strike is used during running.
Elastic energy storage in the Achilles tendon is an important phenomenon that allows the muscles to act passively in forefoot running. Because a forefoot strike enables more energy savings, power amplification and force regulation at the tendon level, the muscles are able to operate at lower contraction speeds where their efficiency is greater.

Nevertheless, the findings suggest that the Achilles tendon is needed for efficient running which can only arise if a forefoot strike is utilized.
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Bretta Riches

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