How to Increase Cadence Speed

We know that a high cadence speed during running is good for us because it not only helps reduce injury, but makes you more efficient.

Listening to Music While Running Increases Cadence Speed


How to Increase Cadence Speed

Adopting the forefoot running technique is a great way to naturally increase cadence speed, but music can also boost cadence speed, too.

A new study by Van Dyke et al. examined the effects of increased and decreased music tempo on cadence speed in recreational runners and found that music tempo profoundly influenced cadence speed and that good music for running should have a high and consistent tempo.

The researchers discovered that cadence speed naturally increased with music tempo speed, suggesting that high tempo music modifies cadence for you without your voluntary control and that sometimes, the best way to run is when you are not paying too much attention to your biomechanics  –this could save you energy because the less you use your brain, the less energy it requires to process information.

Nonetheless, the findings confirm that listening to music while running has important consequences to gait coordination. Because music tempo impacted gait mechanics in a positive way, the researchers concluded that musically evoked high cadence could lead to a more effective treatment option for rehabilitation of running injuries.

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Van Dyck et al. Spontaneous entrainment of running cadence to tempo music. J Sports Med, 2015 1(1):1-14.

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