Low Carb High Fat Snacks for Recovery

Runners need loads of carbs to run, especially long distances. But we also need loads of protein to fully recover from those battering runs. Here are some low carb high fat snacks for endurance runners that are great for when you are on the go and don’t have time to prepare a giant, recovery meal.

Low Carb High Fat Snack for Post-Run Recovery

Low Carb High Fat Snacks for Recovery

Pumpkin Pie Protein Truffles – Packed with protein, fiber and so many nutrients, this great snack will not only bolster recovery, but gives you trail-blazing energy.

GI-Friendly, Protein Green Smoothie – Smoothies often cause bloating and irritability, but not this one! This super easy recipe is also natures number-one way of safely cleansing and detoxifying your gut without disrupting the micro-floral content.

Chocolate Protein Cake – Recovery-quality, deliciously sweet protein cake and this particular recipe makes October more festive, too.

Blueberry-Lemon Smoothie – Here’s another smoothie that’s super easy to throw together and packs enough anti-oxidants that will fix you and heal you from any long treacherous run.

Pumpkin Muffins – This is great for the fall and is great for repairing body turmoil after giving it your all out on the roads and trails.

Berry Smoothie – Pomegranate juice, chia seeds and berries-galore…what more can I say?

Coconut Pancakes – These protein-packed pancakes provide the base-level nutrients you need to reverse the effects of a long, hard enduro run.

DIY Almond Milk – You will be so surprised at how easy it is to make your own milk! All you need is almonds, water and vanilla protein.

Chocolate Cookie Sandwich – Regularly eating these puppies will single-handedly boost recovery, guilt-free!

Chocolate Smoothie – A cup of this has enough anti-oxidants that will do the recovery trick.

Protein Hot Chocolate – Hot chocolates with high protein are tough to find, but now you can make it yourself. This easy recipe is the perfect balance of recovery and staying warm during the winter.

Coconut Cranberry Protein Bites –  No bake, really simple to make, and is especially tasty and helpful for recovery.

Chocolate Protein Brownies – Health-appropriate chocolate brownies that helps accelerate the recovery process.

Gingerbread Smoothie – Another amazing smoothie with a fall-theme, this smoothie will make you get fuller faster and will give you an energy boost, too.

Protein Berry Cookies – Find the strengthen and energy to get up and run the next day with these frosted tasty treats.

Coconut Macaroons – A festive way that fights off pro-inflammatory, angry cells.

Buckwheat Granola Protein Mix – A delightful mix of granola, cashews, walnuts and more!

Pumpkin Protein Bread – Yes you can make low-carb, high protein bread and this is on the top of the taste-pyramid.

Mango Protein Smoothie – This protein-spiked smoothie is perfect to top of a hot run!

Quinoa Protein Muffins – Flourless and should be part of your daily regimen!

Ginger Beet Protein Smoothie – Great meal replacement, this smoothie not only helps with recovery, but ‘scrubs’ your GI-tract of toxins from your system.

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