Sockwa G4 Review

Finally a barefoot running shoe for the winter!

Cold feet is what you don’t want when you run because it opens the door to arthritis later on in life. Unfortunately, most barefoot running shoes just don’t cut it for the winter, until I learned of the Sockwa G4, a barefoot-inspired running shoe that is an excellent alternative to the Vibram FiveFingers and most importantly, keeps your feet super toasty in the winter!

Sockwa G4 Review

The G4 by Sockwa is a water shoe, but I consider it a snow shoe, too! The shoe feels like a thin moccasin and it’s high-traction plastic outsole is made for running forefoot on any terrain.

Among the benefits of being the thinnest barefoot running shoe, the G4 is great for winter running because the neoprene/lycra upper is 2 mm thick, keeping your feet dry, yet thin enough to prevent your feet from overheating, even in the summer.

Other notable features:

  • Great transition shoe for barefoot running
  • Thinnest sole on the market = 1.2 mm thin
  • Zero-drop
  • Can be worn comfortably with or without socks
  • Machine washable
  • Very light-weight
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • 100% flexible
  • Increases plantar tactile stimulation to restore foot function and optimizes forefoot strike performance
  • Maintains snug fit when walking/running in water
  • Form-fitting, molds to your foot, prevents sand from getting inside
  • Strengthens the arches of your foot
  • Outsole provides good traction for running on slippery surfaces
  • Internal feels like an extremely thin, sock lining
  • Great for improving balance, especially ankle stability
  • For sizing, the G4 fits small, so be sure to select a size larger than your norm.

In an era when standard running shoes cause runners to hobble around, the Sockwa G4 will help bring injuries to a halt because they assist in improving lower leg strength to levels necessary for injury-free running.

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