Best Barefoot Running Sandals

The best barefoot running sandals should feel comfortable and weightless –as if you aren’t wearing anything at all! Most barefoot running sandals have an extremely thin, rubber outsole that allows you to sharpen your forefoot running skills. They are also an excellent choice for summer running because the entire foot can breathe and feel the fresh air.

Best Barefoot Running Sandals

Here, I have listed the best barefoot running sandals for forefoot running.

Best Barefoot Running Sandals

Vivobarefoot Achilles Sport Sandal 
Great for runners with wide feet, or with bunions, the Vivobarefoot Achilles Sport Sandal is barefoot-inspired and designed to improve soft tissue strength and joint motion of the foot and ankle. The outsole is 3.5mm thin, boosting proprioception to the foot, which in turn enhances mechanical properties of the lower leg during running.

Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud
If you are a fan of the Luna Sandals, you’ll love the Amuri Cloud by Xero Shoes because they not only give great barefoot-feel, they feature many adjustable units so you can find the perfect fit. They are also extremely light and comfortable, and of course, contain no arch support or extra padding, which is what you need in a running shoe to avoid foot function impairments.

Vivobarefoot Ulysses
Another barefoot running sandal inspired by the Tarahumara Huaraches, the Ulysses by Vivobarefoot have a thicker outsole than most barefoot running sandals, making them great for trail running. The interface of the sandal is very simple, making them easy to put on, and not to mention, they are waterproof, too!

Amuri Z-Trek
The Amuri Z-Trek is more user-friendly because the sandal has a modern strapping system which makes your foot feel like it’s glued to the sandal. They too have a slightly thicker rubber outsole (5.5mm), making them great for trail running and handles well in wet conditions.

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Bretta Riches

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