Pose Running Method Tips

A study by Diebel et al. found that heel strike runners who suffered from chronic exertional compartment syndrome recovered rapidly from this condition with both the Pose Running Method and the use of a forefoot strike landing.

Pose Running Tips

Here are some tips from Pose Running from the study that you can use to improve leg pain symptoms, too!

Pose Running Method Tips

The researchers used the Pose Running Method as a reliable guide to correct the participants heel strike to a forefoot strike landing pattern.

The Pose Running intervention was practiced over a 6-week period and included the following biomechanical changes:

  • Increase running step-rate to 3 steps per second
  • Use hamstrings to pull the foot from the ground versus push the foot off the ground using the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles
  • Falling forward, or shift body-weight forward to initiate running and accelerate. Avoid moving the legs more rapidly to increase speed (the forward lean is your gas pedal)
  • Foot tapping exercises using the balls of your feet
  • Verbal cueing to “run quietly”
  • The use of a digital metronome to stabilize step cadence at 180 steps per minute

Implementing a forefoot strike landing with Pose Running can tamper the unpleasant pain that accompanies heel strike running. Click here to read more about how the Pose Running Method cured chronic leg pain in heel strike runners.

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Diebel et al. Forefoot running improved pain and disability associated with chronic exertional compartment syndrome. Amer J Sports Med, 2012; 40(5): 1060-67.

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