Best Minimal Running Shoe for the Summer

The best minimal running shoe for the summer is the Vivobarefoot Achilles Sports Sandal which represents a modernized Tarahumara Huraches endurance running sandal.

Best Minimal Running Shoe for the Summer

Best Minimal Running Shoe for the Summer

The Achilles Sport Sandal is ergonomically correct for forefoot running because its 3.5 mm puncture resistant outsole provides excellent barefoot-feel. The Sports Sandal was developed by natural running coach, Lee Saxby, who designed the sandal with a more practical strapping arrangement to connect with your forefoot strike while you run.

Terra Plana Barefoot Running Sandal
The Achilles Running Sandal is one of the most minimalist shoes from Vivobarefoot and is ideal for summer running.

Other notable features of the Achilles Sports Sandal:

  • Removable heel-strap and 2 velcro straps
  • Fully molded for barefoot training
  • Thinner than the Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure
  • Ankle strap for a more secure fit
  • Durable for all terrains, so they wont wear out quick
  • Split-toe design keeps big toe in place, allowing better stability when running on the balls of your foot
Terra Plana Minimalist Running Sandal
Split toe construct of the Achilles Running Sandal reinforces stability and support on the balls of the foot during forefoot running.

This minimalist running sandal is as close to being barefoot as you can get, and has the high-capacity to improve arch and intrinsic muscle strength so you can remain injury-free.

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Bretta Riches

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