Healthy Food for Runners

I run a lot, and I eat a lot, too. Because of this, my indulgences need to be healthy to keep me lean for running and at the same time, helps me recover and gives me sustainable energy for my long distance runs. So, if you want to start eating healthier, here’s my list of healthy food for runners organized into super easy recipes.

Healthy Food for Runners

Healthy Food for Runners

Aside from boosting running performance, these healthy recipes for running help stave off age-related health problems, too!

I normally run later at night, so the next morning, I definitely need a recovery protein breakfast, and these super easy, quick-to -make egg breakfasts fits the bill!

I don’t particularly enjoy eating a banana by itself; I like to chop it up and add it to something else before I go running. This is why I love these peanut butter banana quesadillas and if you are really strapped for time, I love making these peanut butter banana bites.

Cauliflower alone can be boring, but it is rich in protein, so what better way to balance taste with protein is with these scrumptious buffalo cauliflower bites.

During the cooler months, a runner needs to up their vitamin C intake and one of the very best foods for that is squash –when it’s incorporated into a gluten-free lasagna, it’s even better!

If you are in a rush in the morning before a run, make some oatmeal. It’s not only quick and easy to make, the fiber in oatmeal keeps you fuller longer.

Another way to rev muscle recovery after a long run is with protein-loaded food, and you’re going to cut your recovery time in half with these quinoa chicken fingers.

You’ll get rapid recovery and blasted with heart-healthy omega-3s with this super-quick salmon and asparagus wrapped in foil.

Here’s another salmon dish, but with green beans and other mouth-watering Italian veggies.

Most of us are busy, so to take less time cooking, this paleo avocado salad is great for that, while helping you reset after a long run.

Got a marathon or long run coming up? Eating these paleo apple banana cinnamon pancakes before you run will help you carbo-load and stabilize blood/sugar levels, keeping you from smacking the wall.

These paleo nut chocolate-drizzled bars will get you energized before a run, but can be eaten during a run when you are low on fuel. And, they are gluten-free!

To give you a double-dose of extended fullness and to promote regular bowel movements, you’ll love this delicious shrimp zucchini noodle dish.

Another great way to eat zucchini is by making these incredibly easy and flavorful paleo fried zucchini chips.

Who doesn’t love wraps? Many pro runners strongly recommend chicken for recovery because it’s not only high in protein, but extremely lean. This is why I love munching on these paleo chicken salad wraps, especially after a long hot run.

I love bread, but it doesn’t love me because it makes me bloat up like a blow fish. I find scarfing down this 3 ingredient paleo flat-bread meal does not give me gut-puffiness before and during my run.

A simple way to fuel before an early morning run is with healthy cinnamon roll waffles, because cinnamon is an effective appetite suppressant in addition to keeping blood/sugar levels steady.

Here’s another super healthy, low carb, post run meal with chicken, broccoli, and alfredo.

You’ll enjoy digging into this honey garlic salmon post-run meal, all the more knowing that it’s packed with protein and natural healthy sugars to repair and replenish your muscle strength.

If you are pressed for time in the morning before a run, take some of these healthy banana oat cookies with you. Not only do you get your electrolytes, but oats nicely expand in your gut, staving off hunger –kind of like another all-natural appetite suppressant.

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