Healthy Okra Recipes for Runners

It is well-documented that high blood sugar levels damages the arteries and increases your risk of type 2 diabetes. When it comes to running, it is important that your blood sugar levels areĀ stabilize –no rapid dips and spikes. You’ll run with more sustainable energy if your blood sugar level remain steady. This is what makes okra so amazing!

A study published in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Science found that okra contains a substance called mucilage which slows sugar digestion in the gut, thereby preventing abrupt dips in blood sugar, sparing you the shakes when you are running. Love okra? Here are some healthy okra recipes to enjoy!

Healthy Okra Recipes for Runners

Healthy Okra Recipes for Runners

Sweet potato, okra and chickpea gumbo via Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Stewed okra and tomatoes via Spicy Southern Kitchen

Paleo crispy baked okra Nourished and Grounded

Creole chicken okra via Immaculate Bites

Crispy Indian okra via My Heart Beats

Smoked sausage, tomato and okra skillet via The Southern Lady Cooks

Grilled okra and tomato skewers via Cooking Light

Indian style sauteed okra via Holy Cow Vegan Recipes

Crispy okra fries via Garden and Gun

Proscuitto-wrapped grilled okra via Cooking Light

Grain-free one pot shrimp okra lentil bowl via Cotter Crunk

Slow-cooker chicken and okra via Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Black-eyed peas with okra, corn and roasted tomatoes via Back to Organic

Roasted cajun okra via Babaganosh

Stewed okra, tomato and corn via Just a Pinch

Orange balsamic roasted okra via The Endless Meal

Sesame garlic okra via Peppers and Peaches

Sweet potato, okra and chickpea gumbo via Fat Free Vegan

Stewed eggplant and okra via Eating Appalachia

Crispy okra salad via Food and Wine

Okra baked with olive oil and sea salt via Between the Kids

Yellow squash, okra fritters via Maebells

Roasted potato and okra salad via Southern Living

Quick spicy okra and tomatoes via About Food

Pickled okra and ham roll ups via Cottage at the Crossroads

Cayenne and lemon okra via Bless Her Heart Ya’ll

Okra cornmeal cakes with cilantro lime yogurt dip via Running in the Kitchen

Okra and rice via Home Made Zagat

Roasted sweet potato and okra salad via Food and Wine

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