Nutritious Smoothie Recipe for Endurance Runners

I am always searching for the next best nutritious smoothie recipe to help me fuel before a run and help me recover from a run. Now that I have been increasing my weekly running mileage, safely without injury (thanks to forefoot running), I need a smoothie that’s loaded with protein and other healthy additives.

Healthy Smoothie Ideas for Runners

Nutritious Smoothie Recipe for Endurance Runners

Here I have made a list of my favorite go-to recovery and energy smoothies for running. These smoothies are not only bright and flavorful, they are all you need to give you a healthy boost before or after a run.

Mango Vanilla Smoothie – Great for before and after a run, and is a strong probiotic powerhouse that not only adds good bacteria to your gut, but also is a nice mood-booster!

Red Cranberry Tangy Smoothie – Perfect alternative to orange juice, this breakfast smoothie contains loads of vitamin C which is a great, all natural energy source for running.

Quinoa Protein Smoothie – This smoothie if very hardy and filling and it’s great before a long run, such as a marathon.

Green Smoothie – Perfect way to replenish your electrolytes after a long, grueling run.

Nutritious Breakfast Smoothie – Another great pre-run, morning smoothie that includes chia and flax seeds.

Chocolate Mint Smoothie – Load up with carbs and potassium with this tummy-friendly smoothie which includes mint, key in relieving stomach bloating.

Morning Glory Smoothie – This smoothie is uplifting and packed with good fats, helping the muscles repair quicker.

Peanut Green Smoothie – Tasty way to power through a long run without feeling burned out.

Wake Me Up Smoothie – A great alternative to coffee because it’s a powerful blend of energy-boosting ingredients, such as ginger, citrus and turmeric –turmeric is also great for reducing minor swelling.

Chocolate Protein Chia Smoothie – Comforting, protective, great for recovery.

Vanilla Chia Smoothie – Great for a pre or post-run, this wholesome smoothie contains complex carbs which keeps you full longer.

Paleo Banana Chocolate Shake – This smoothie is an energy super-charger because it stocks up your electrolytes. Great before an early morning run.

If you need more health ideas for running, check out my recovery snack ideas post for runners as well as my post on all natural blood/sugar stabilizers.

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