What To Do With Fresh Beets

Need a burst of energy before a run? Get it with beets!

I hear a lot of talk about how beets can improve a runners performance. The latest research does show that beets help one’s running performance by delivering more blood and oxygen to the brain, according to a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology. The researchers found that beets beat fatigue by increasing nitric oxide levels, allowing more oxygenated blood to reach the brain — that is why it’s a good idea to consume beets before a run.

Another major health benefit of beets is that it is a powerful anti-oxidant.  This delicious root vegetable has a pigment that boosts cell-repairing activity in the body, accelerating muscle repair.

If you are looking for ways to eat beets, here are some healthy recipe ideas as to what to do with fresh beets!

Best Way to Eat Beets

What To Do With Fresh Beets

Mediterranean beets with garlic and olive oil via Maria Ushakova

Healthy boot-root and feta salad via Scrambled Chefs

Oven baked beet chips via A Spicy Perspective

Healthy marinated beet and apple salad with banana and peppers (gluten-free) via Cotter Crunch

Super creamy roasted beet hummus via The Full Helping

Chocolate beet cake with chocolate avocado frosting via The Pretty Bee

Spiralized beet salad via Fashionable Foods

Beet roasted garlic soup via Garlic Matters

Honey-glazed Brussels sprouts and beets via The Roasted Root

Pickled beets via Simply Recipes

Easy roasted beets with balsamic glaze via Back to Her Roots

Detox kale quinoa pickled beet salad via Pickled Plum

Lemony beet hummus via Buzz Feed

Salad with beets, almonds, feta and dijon mustard via Rachel Cooks

Beet pesto pasta via The Kitchn

Raw spiralized beet and mandarin salad with mint via Skinny Taste

Berry beet smoothie via The First Year

Winter beet and pomegranate salad with maple candied pecans and balsamic citrus via Half Baked Harvest

Creamy beetroot soup with orange, ginger and coconut milk (vegan, grain-free, gluten-free) via The Clean Dish

Sneaky beet brownies via Fit Foodie Finds

Beet, arugula and goat grilled cheese sandwich via BS’ in the Kitchen

Roasted beet and apple salad via Delicious Meets Healthy

Carrot beet and apple salad with mint and cumin vinaigrette via Sellfish Cat

Beet hummus and avocado on toast via Ful-Filled

Cinnamon beet rolls via Gather and Dine

Chocolate beet cupcakes with chocolate avocado frosting via Making Tyme for Health

Beet ‘noodle’ salad with blueberries ad goat cheese via Lean Green Nutrition Fiend

Beet sweet onion, cucumber soup via Feasting At Home

Avocado beet smoothie via Having Fun Saving

Roasted beet pesto salad via Veggie Chick

Canning pickled beets with ACV and honey via Montana Homesteader

Rosemary garlic beet chips via Mommypotamus

Maple roasted butternut squash and beets (vegan, gluten-free, paleo) via The Roasted Root

Pineapple beet juice via All Recipes

Simple roasted beets via Bless the Mess Please

Healthy raw red velvet fudge via Desserts with Benefits

Beet, blackberry oatmeal smoothie via Blissful Basil

Easy pickled beet and onion salad via About.com

Beet gnocchi via R Cake Walk

I hope you enjoy these recipes. Be sure to check back because the recipe list is always growing!

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