Linking Traditional Running Shoes to Poor Foot Arch Function

Traditional running shoes have arch support and other constructs that disable foot function, creating a weaker foot over time. This shod-induced foot weakness also destroys the arch by preventing it from storing elastic strain energy.

The Importance of Foot Strength for Proper Arch Function

The intrinsic foot musculature helps control the lower and rising of the arch during forefoot running. Therefore, weak intrinsic foot musculature significantly interferes with arch function.

Because the arch stores loads of elastic energy for efficient running, a weak arch will have difficulty recovering this energy.

Linking Traditional Running Shoes to Poor Foot Arch Function
Learn-term studies have found that runners with weak intrinsic foot musculature have a significantly high risk of poor arch function. Now studies have traced the loss of foot function to arch-supportive running shoes.

Bruggeman et al. found that traditional running shoes with stiff outsoles and arch support caused the arch to be less well equipped with adequate intrinsic muscular strength. Similarly, Pearl et al. purported that many habitual shod runners may experience poor running economy due to poor intrinsic muscular foot strength.

Many habitual shod runners are surprised to hear that the most effective treatment for weak arches it to not support the arch.

Thankfully, it is becoming more and more accepted that the standard running shoe is a catalyst for poor arch function, which tames worrying by runners afraid of going barefoot or pure minimally shod. Nevertheless, an unsupported arch is the reality for improved arch strength and function, thanks to the powerful data from the work of Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Robbins.

But an important takeaway for runners with arch problems is that arch function is not lost and gone forever. Arch height can be restored with only avoiding arch supportive-footwear.

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  1. Also be wary of over pronation and underpronation. Alot of people do not know this, however your whole body alignment can be thrown off by your arches. You can develop shoulder pain and many doctors do not know that how your feet meet the earth can cause over use of these joints due to ill-mechanics.

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