Prevent Getting Cold Feet in the VFFs During the Winter

I love running in the Vibram FiveFingers, but in the winter, I hate getting cold feet, and my feet freeze in my Vibrams when I am running through November to April. Luckily, I found a solution to treat cold feet during winter runs and that is to wear Injinji toe socks and adhere toe warmers to the outside of the sock, placing the square side just under your toes.

How to Avoid Getting Cold Feet in the VFFs When Winter Running

Prevent Getting Cold Feet in the VFFs During the Winter

I wear the HotHands Toe Warmers to keep my toes warm during my long runs, no matter how cold it is.

Prevent cold toes in the Vibram Five Fingers
Injinji toe socks coupled with adhearing toe warmers just under the toes, provides enough heat for your toes to get you through your long runs during freezing temperatures.
HotHands toe warmers for forefoot running
Toe warmers by HotHands

Although, the toe warmers cannot be placed directly on the under-side of the toes because of the individual sockets of the Vibram’s, I stick them to the bottom of the balls of my foot with the square side facing my toes, getting it as close to the toe sockets as possible.

Another bonus of the toe warmers is that they are thin and will not interfere with sensory feedback on your feet, therefore your forefoot strike landing will be undisturbed. If you don’t wear socks in your Vibrams, you can stick the toe warmers to the inside of the shoe. Again, make sure the square side is placed as close as possible against the toe sockets to ensure the heat can reach your toes.

How do the toe warmers generate heat?

The HotHand toe warmers are air activated and heat up within seconds and generates heat for up to 8 hours! That’s a lot of running! HotHands also offers hand warmers for your mittens.

For me, the hand and foot warmers have been the first line of protection for my digits from the harsh Canadian winters and I am finally able to enjoy the beauty of winter trail running in my Vibrams.

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